F2A Network

The Food Sector Training Network brings together 45 vocational agricultural institutes located all over France. These institutes propose a wide range of training courses in the fields of food engineering and food science. These courses have got different levels: from the end of Middle School to Bachelor’s degree. They ranged from short vocational training courses, certification programs, degree courses, and so, they target different groups: adults, young peoples, apprentices.

The network organization is based on a steering comittee of 12 elected members and a national coordinator. The network is under the supervision of the French Ministry of Agriculture that monitors the activities of the network and gives financial support.

The objective of the network is to develop and promote the members institutes activities in the field of food training.

Its strategy is oriented along 3 main axes : the first one is to maintain and enhance the network’s know-how and to foster the dynamics of the network.  The second one is to promote the network’s activities. The third one is to develop the network’s ability to anticipate changes.

The main network’s strengths are :
– Specific skills in training expertise for the food sector,
– High-performance equipment: farms, pilot plants, up-to date labs (sensory analysis, microbiology, biochemistry, engineering, …)
– Innovative teaching methods using tailored training packages and new technologies, and last but not least : pooling skills and resources between members

DEFIAA F2A presentation (pdf)
More about the F2A network (pdf)


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