Getting your visa

Dear Indian DEFIAA students, you must respect carefully this procedure as obtaining visas can be quite complicated and long.  Please be very rigourous and accurate.
You also have to anticipate well in advance to make sure you get your visa on time

चेतावनी  : When you submit your application, make sure to  make a complete application.   If not, it is very likely to create problems and delay.

Good luck to all of you as it might be a painful process.
(which is also complicated for french students coming to India

1. Once you received the  letter of intent and the internship agreement, buy the flight ticket which is written in the letter of intent with a cancellation/repatriation insurance  You can get the letter of intent + the internship agreement directly from your Dean.   (don’t forget to sign your internship agreement)

2. Install What’s app on your cellphone and send a message to the French DEFIAA coordinators (see contact page) mentioning your name + batch + College

3. Get a proof of resources :
– a copy of the last year income tax papers if you have worked + last 3 months bank statement and salary slips (if you worked)
– a letter of support issued by a sponsor who must prove that he has sufficient and regular resources (last 3 months bank statement and salary slips).
You will bring this paper in Delhi to ask if it meets the visa requirements.
 चेतावनी  : This is probably the most important stage as visas are refused if you don’t provide this paper properly.  Please provide a translation in english of all Hindi documents.

4. Schedule an appointment with the Schengen Visa Application Center in Delhi.  You can do it by phone: 022-67866014 or online by clicking here.
Make sure to read this page before making the appointment and moving to the next stage. It means that everyone will have to go to Delhi for biometric fingerprint purposes.

5. Read carefuly the documents required to apply and collect them :
 चेतावनी  :
You will apply for a short stay visa.
Be careful with the photos specifications : Check the page  to make sure the photos meet the requirements

6. Download and then edit the pdf file named « short stay visa application » (Edit directly on the file – just print it at the end)

7. Get some help
– by e-mail
– by phone +91 022 67866014
– by contacting the  students who went to France in 2016 (Fisheries).   Watch their advices.
– by checking the FAQ

8. Help each other on the what’s app group.   It will also allow us to check how the visa process is going on

9. Submit your application at least 50 days before the departure and pay in cash the visa fees  It will be easier and safer if there is any problem.

Submit your application 50 days before your departure !

You just then have to track your application online :

If you respect this procedure, you will get your visa on time.

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