LEGTA of Beaulieu-Lavacant is a professional and vocational institute specialized in Agro Food Process, agronomy, agriculture and services studies. Auch is about 70 km from Toulouse, in the south West of France.

This institute offers undergraduate courses focused on practical training and handling in laboratories. The institute spreads over 220 hectares (440 acres) used to produce organic and traditional cultures (soya, lentils, sunflower…).  The structure  is well equipped with professional tools for agriculture and food processing.

LEGTA has a professional processing hall used to product several foods (fruit juices, marmalades, meat processing, French bread….). Moreover, some of our practical lessons take place in experiment places shared with professional firms and local communities. Biochemistry handling, microbiology tests, standards and tasting are usually used to control food quality.

We’ve a lot of close relationships with regional businesses and we are working usually together to develop  products & projects. LEGTA has an Erasmus charter, an european passeport to permit students to apply in placements abroad.

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