EPL BOURG EN BRESSE Les SARDIERES is a professional and vocational institute specialized in  agriculture ( Bresse chicken breeding POA, dairy cows) and food processing. It offers undergraduate courses in these fields focused on practical training. The institute is fully equipped with professional tools and has a lot of long lasting relationships with the regional professional business. The institute also regularly hosts students and staff from abroad. We have regular exchanges with foreign countries, welcoming Africans students (Tunisia, Senegal…) and sending some of our students on placement in countries such as Sweden, Italy, Germany.

EPL Les SARDIERES has a professional teaching food processing workshop whichproduces fruit jams and fruit juices, yoghurts, biscuits, ready made meals,delicatessen… It also has on site modern and professional labs (sensorial analysis, biochemistry, microbiology…). Students spend a lot of practical time in both units to increase their work practise and experience. The products are sold in the institute shop.

EPL Les SARDIERES has also a professional farm specialized in high quality and world class Bresse chicken breeding (8500/year), dairy cows (500 000 milk per year sold to regional cheese dairies).This farm is also used to teach students their future jobs in the agricultural field

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