LEGTA La Saussaye is a general professional and vocational institute specialized in Agriculture and Food Processing Studies. It offers undergraduate courses in these fields focused on practical training. Chartres is near Paris, about 80 kms. The institute has a farm 321 acres, specialised in wheat, and a professional Teaching food processing hall. In this departement, about 100 pilote machines are used to produce several food (flour, tin food, fruit juice, liver pâté …) With milk , we can produce yogurth, concentrated milk, fresh cheese, gelified milk …. Biochemistry, microbiology, Sensorial analysis labs are use to control food quality. Cosmetic, Pharmacy and Maintenance labs are present too.

Students spend a lot of practical time and complete their experience with training periods. LEGTA La Saussaye Chartres is used to host foreign student groups and works closely with the french agricultural education network.

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