LEGTA LA ROQUE (RODEZ) is a professional and vocational institute specialized in animal production and food process studies. It offers undergraduate courses in these fields focused on practical training.The institute is fully equipped with professional tools and has a lot of long-lasting relationships with the regional professional business

LEGTA LA ROQUE has a professional farm, used by students and professionals. It shelters three herds : a 40 « Prim’ Holstein » dairy cows, a 20 purebred « Aubrac » beef cows typical of North Aveyron, and a herd of 75 purebred « Lacaune » ewes raised for their meat. Milk production of the farm unit reaches 500000 liters a year.

LEGTA LA ROQUE has a professional food process teaching hall of 700 m², in fresh meat and delicatessen processing. It produces fresh, cured, or canned meat for an amount about 60 tons. It welcomes breeders farmers developing the commercialization of their own products “from livestock farming to direct selling to the consumers”

It also has on site modern and professional labs: sensorial analysis, biochemistry, microbiology. These very well equiped laboraties are used by Ph D students in food microbiology.  Students spend a lot of practice time in these units to increase their work exposure and experience.   It has also a great knowledge in innovating and developing new products and foodstuff.

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