The DEFIAA  project (Developing French Indian exchanges in Agrofood and Agronomy) is a project backed by the French Ministry of Agriculture. It is a consortium of agricultural institutions willing to welcome indian students from selected Indian institutions.

After a first visit in 2012 more focused on Higher Education Institutions, a  new delegation of 8  french institutions (mainly vocational and professional institutions) came to India late October 2015.   This delegation, called DEFIAA 2, was managed both by the Indian network of France’s Agricultural Education Ministry and the F2A food network with the help of the French Embassy in Delhi.

This delegation came to India to :
– strengthen and widen existing partners
– develop long lasting cooperation
– foster exchanges between the two countries

A MoU signed

During this visit, we signed a MoU betweeen the DEFIAA consortium coordinator and G.B. Pant University.

Within this exchange programme (only flight tickets are paid by students), students from the different colleges of G.B Pant university go to a French professional and vocational institution for a 2 months professional training.
French students come to G.B Pant for a 1 month training programme.

The objective of the internships is to give students a professional and practical exposure in food science, technology and other agricultural fields with a special focus on food processing.

DEFIAA on the Media : Article Agriculture Today, August 2015

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– Mr Christophe GROELL (Indian Network co-coordinator) (Perpignan)
– Ms. Cécile PIOLIN (Head Food training sector network F2A) (Montauban)
– Ms. Sophie RAYNAUD , Director of International Relations (ENSFEA Toulouse)
– Ms. Cécile DURAND, Internation projects manager (SRIL, SupAgro Montpellier )
– Mr Thierry BIZEUL Director + Ms. Chantal DESPRATS, Defiaa coordinator (Auch)
– Mr Farid Amrouche, Defiaa coordinator (Bourg en Bresse)
– Ms. Frédérique ELBE, Director + Mr Gérard MARTIN, Foodprocessing sector (Chartres)
– Ms. Carole ROUGE, Director (La Canourgue, Lozère)
– Ms. Stéphanie DE-SEPIBUS, Defiaa coordinator (Lyon St Génis Laval)
– Mr Patrice POURCEL, Defiaa coordinator ( Périgueux)
– Ms. Céline NAHAN, Foodprocessing Unit head (Perpignan)
– Mr Noël BOISSONNADE, Director & Ms. Isabelle WIOROWSKI, coordinator (Rodez)
– Ms. Danuta Rzewuski coordinator & Ms. Isabelle Menand, foodprocessing (Yvetot)
– Ms. Lucie Pereira Da Costa, Defiaa coordinator (Pau)


– Ms. Irène ALLAIS – Food training sector network coordinator (Clermont-Ferrand)
– Mr Jean-christophe YGRIE : BRECI Indian network coordinator (La Canourgue)
– Mr Christophe GROELL : BRECI Indian network coordinator (Théza – Perpignan)
– Ms. Cécile DURAND : International Relations SupAgro (Montpellier)
– Ms. Corinne REULET : Director  ( Périgueux)
– Mr Patrice POURCEL : Industrial engineering ( Périgueux)
– Mr Farid AMROUCHE  –  Food engineering  ( Bourg en Bresse)
– Ms. Cécile PIOLIN – Food processing workshop Director ( Rodez)
– Mr Haike DE REGT : Food processing courses coordinator (Rodez)
– Ms. Danuta  RZEWUSKI  : Education and Development network coordinator (Yvetot)
– Mr Alain DEVAILLY : Food processing courses coordinator (Chartres)
– Ms. Hélène LABAN DIT BASTIA : Food processing (PAU)

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